I'm happy to hear from you if you're thinking of undertaking a similar trip and have questions. Or if you just feel like saying hi. Or if you want to sponsor my next adventure 🙂


The following message came in through this contact page two days after girltourer.com was up. It made this entire website worth writing, just to know that it actually made a difference for someone.

Hi Daphne,

I’m Richard, 48 yo Singaporean. Came across your story through Woon Tai Woon of Love Cycling  Singapore.

Just wanted to say Bravo and thanks for the inspiration. Like you, I’ve been planning to do a Solo unsupported RI Taiwan but have been procrastinating for years.

Your story is the push I needed to book my plane tickets. Just so you know, if I die mid journey, you’re to be blamed too 🙂

I’ll share my story when my journey begins in Feb after the Chinese New Year.


24 January 2016